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Game 3:
Please speak after the tone...
(Simons Mith: Thu, 29 Sep 6:47 pm)
Game 5:
The Long Game
(Superman: Sun, 02 Oct 11:06 am)
Game 6:
Legume / Viscosity / Ramp at MCIOS
(Radox The Green: Fri, 30 Sep 8:14 pm)
Game 26:
Read any good books lately?
(Projoy: Sun, 02 Oct 8:11 am)
Game 70:
(spliggo: Tue, 27 Sep 9:29 am)
Game 224:
Make Mine A Double
(Rosie: Thu, 29 Sep 2:56 pm)
Game 234:
Heavyweight Haiku
(Simons Mith: Fri, 30 Sep 4:08 pm)
Game 282:
Rats! The Return of Room 101
(Dan: Thu, 22 Sep 6:15 pm)
Game 428:
Definitions (2014)
(Radox The Green: Fri, 30 Sep 8:17 pm)
Game 446:
Clerihew's That?
(the cheesecake man: Wed, 28 Sep 12:08 pm)
Game 491:
Rapide! - le train part du quai 3!
(Superman: Sun, 02 Oct 11:01 am)
Game 502:
The post-Covid(??) MMXXI Limerick Fest
(Projoy: Sun, 02 Oct 8:08 am)
Game 504:
Irish MC
(AndyB: Sat, 30 Jul 10:26 pm)
Game 505:
Songbook for the Download Generation Alpha
(zx4ever: Fri, 02 Sep 10:45 am)
Game 510:
(zx4ever: Fri, 02 Sep 10:43 am)
Game 512:
положительный спин (A Positive Spin)
(Simons Mith: Mon, 22 Aug 6:28 pm)
Game 513:
New Bottles for Old Wine
(Raak: Sat, 01 Oct 8:46 am)
Game 514:
Mystery Crescent
(the cheesecake man: Wed, 28 Sep 12:10 pm)
October 2nd:
Lustration of the Uber (Denver). Owain Glyndwr awakes from his centuries-old sleep and declares his rights as Prince of Wales. Charles decides to call himself by a middle name, Arthur, and mobilises his loyal Cornish forces in Tintagel. Netflix buys the rights to film the confrontation. Gardeners should cover their lawn in purple concrete (strawberry-flavoured is optional) which they can later use as the foundation of their own wind farm. Mercury rising in Aquarius indicates that seafood should be avoided. Leo's will suffer from aggressive tendencies, just like every day. Lucky knight: Hywel of the Axe.
- Old Mornington's Almanack 2019
Of Note: When a collaborative poem goes very right
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